Toteally Amazing

John Proctor Tote

I’ve finally taken a leap into the brave old world of merchandising.

For ten English pounds you can now be the proud owner of a limited edition ‘John Proctor’s Lament’ tote bag, designed by Massive Arms founder and artist extraordinaire Dave Salisbury. This magical bag of tricks features a grizzled Daniel Day-Lewis from his 1996 appearance in The Crucible, along with ‘The World’s Gone Mad’ lyric from John Proctor’s Lament.

It’s a hand-pulled screen print on natural cotton tote, made down in Cornwall by a lovely little independent British company. It measures around 39cm (w) x 42cm (h). Plenty of rooms to cart about all your potions in.

For more of Dave’s devilish designs, garms and merc, check out the Massive Arms Big Cartel.